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About Us

A company is only as strong as it's weakest employees!

This may be a worn-out cliche, but it is also true!

And that is not all...these employees are also the main drivers of:

Customer service standards
Performance and profitability
Team morale
Company image

It is tempting, and often convenient, to recruit staff on a "like-for-like" basis. Someone leaves, someone else comes in! Business as usual! No problem!

At Staffing Solution, we see things differently.

The engagement of a professional staffing agency like Staffing Solution will add real "strategic value" to the worth of any company, for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • Quality agencies will have a substantial pool of people to draw on when one of their clients has a vacancy that needs to be filled, often preventing the need (and cost) for expensive, labour-intensive recruitment advertising campaigns
  • This database will have been filtered, tactically aligned and highly focused so that any applicants presented will be appropriately skilled and competent for the relevant job
  • Grooming, attitude, punctuality, ambition, credentials/qualifications, communication, dependability and previous career-history references will all be attended to by the agency prior to any interview being arranged
  • When advertising for key positions is required, a quality agency will deploy substantial resources, use their industry contacts, exercise a wealth of experience and deliver an expert approach, to any recruitment campaign, ensuring that the maximum number of suitable applicants apply for the position(s)

Staffing Solution clients enjoy the following privileges:

  • Discretion and confidentiality in everything that we do
  • A reliable "do what you say you will do" philosophy based on integrity and dependability 
  • Access to a substantial database of staff, compiled over 20-years, and updated quarterly 
  • Expertise in advertising/marketing when required 
  • The support of qualified, highly skilled consultants experienced in the industries that they serve 
  • The opportunity to collaborate with us in designing a bespoke solution to their specific recruitment needs 
  • Specialist advice across all areas of the recruitment sector 
  • There are no charges for any service we provide until/unless one of our applicants is employed