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Christmas Appeal

Christmas is coming… This year Staffing Solution are putting together a Hamper for the Homeless The team at Staffing Solution on Grafton Street are putting together a big Christmas Cheers" Hamper for the Homeless and we need your support. We are asking everyone to spare 1 item or more if you can, these can include Tin Food, Hygiene Items, toys or anything that we can give to those less fortunate. Please bring items into Staffing Solution and donate a small item and the Boss will hand deliver the items …… it will go a long way   The hamper basket...

15 November, 2016
Chris Richards
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What makes a good recruiter?

RECRUITMENT…… What makes a great recruiter? I have been asked this many times, and frankly I am still trying to work that out…… But one thing is for a sure; a great recruiter, is an opportunist, quick to spot an opening. They are always looking for ways to generate activity, find a great candidate, and quickly fill a need.   But communicating is listening too right? I like to think I am a solid communicator, and it’s true I can write a pithy paragraph, and contrive a sound argument. I can communicate ideas from a stage, or in a one-on-one, as well as most, I suppose. I need...

19 May, 2016
Jade Mills
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Service with a Smile

Service with a smile…. I wouldn’t say that I am a hard guest to please or that I expect a lot when staying at a Hotel or dining at one of my favorite restaurants. Some of my friend may beg to differ that I am traditional or “old school”  when it comes to my expectation of “good service” but I believe  it is very simple..  back to basics it starts with a smile. My career started in a 5* hotel in Hobart, Tasmania many years ago when service standards were at their best. The staff would arrive with a bubbly...

15 April, 2016
Janelle Lewis
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Office world

We value our local staff here at Staffing Solution and believe that they play a very important part in our company. While most people would assume that to meet all of the amazing different cultures we have in the world you would have to travel the globe to do so, right?   Some days I am so excited to go to work as I never know what the day will bring. On any given day I have 5* hospitality staff walking through the door so well presented that I would love to give them a job right then and there! Other...

23 February, 2016
Gemma Eldridge
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Christmas Message

Firstly we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope you join with us in celebrating a Happy and Busy New Year! 2015 has been a big year for Staffing Solution.  We want to thank our clients, new and old, for your loyal support. We would also like to thank our staff for joining us to make a success of our labour hire division, supplying skilled and reliable people to our many 4 5 star clients. We value our local staff and look forward to powering on in 2016. Success doesn't just happen we thank our girls in the temp division...

16 December, 2015
Chris Richards
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