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Cairns 24hr Medical Centre 

Cairns 24hr Medical Centre is centrally located on

the corner of Grafton/Florence St and operates 24/7 everyday of the year.

Ph: 4052 1119

The Doctors

Cairns Base Hospital

Cairns Base Hospital is located along the northern side of

the Esplanade and operates all year round.

Ph: 4226 0000

Cairns Base Hospital

Department of Main Roads

Qld Government Department of Main Roads -

Cairns Branch is located at 82-86 Kenny Street.

Ph: 13 23 80

Dept. Of Main Roads

Department of Immigration

Australian Government Dept. of Immigration & Citizenship -

Cairns Branch is located at 85 Spence St.

Ph: 13 18 81

Dept. of Immigration

QLD Police

Qld Police Service - Cairns Branch is located at 5 Sheridan Street.

Ph: 4030 7000

Police Station