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Finding staff is easy! Finding staff who are loyal, dependable, competent and whom will add value to your business is an entirely different scenario.

There is no "magic formula" to resolving the challenge of sourcing high quality staff. It is achieved through experience, accruing "top-end" industry contacts, and hard-work.
Most important of all however, it is about having the skills to recognise the potential in job-seekers, relative to the requirements of any business situation.

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Larry Smith
Wednesday 21st May, 2014
Now that we have had time to stop and breathe after the ATE, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to you and your staff for helping and supporting us throughout this.
Krisztina Jahshan - Banquet Manager, Cairns Convention Centre
Larry Smith
Sunday 18th May, 2014
It was a really good day for everybody and your staff was great help. Hope to see them again in the future!
Pavel BreueR - Banquets Manager, Sheriton Mirage Port Douglas