Performing on your first day

Your first day is here. How should you prepare to make sure that your first day sets the right impression with your new colleagues and your boss?

Consider this:-

So you finally made it to your new workplace. Now take a deep breath and walk in with a smile on your face:-

  • Keep your head up and remember to make eye contact. Be polite and friendly to everyone you encounter, whether it’s the receptionist or the mailroom clerk, your colleagues or your new boss
  • Introduce yourself to those you meet and remember that it’s okay to ask questions. People generally like to help others and it usually makes them feel good about themselves
  • While it’s okay to hold onto some of the things you learned in your previous jobs and use that knowledge in your new job, remember that every workplace has its own way of doing things
  • Your first few weeks or even months on a job is not the time to change the way things get done. Do not utter these words: “That’s not how we did it at my old company.”. Let it go!
  • Don’t gossip. Don’t even hang around people who gossip!
  • Ask questions, offer to help anyone who might need it, ask if there is anything else you can do to help (anyone). People gravitate towards people who are open and helpful
  • Ask your new boss for an ‘end of first day’ meeting to review your performance and to ensure that you know precisely what is expected of you. If appropriate, clarify any concerns you might have relating to your duties.
  • Do not comment on anyone or anything unless it is constructive


  • Dress in the outfit that you know makes you shine. If you feel confident, you’ll look confident to others
  • Whether you’re driving to work or using mass transit, be sure to leave plenty of time to get there early
  • Treat your first-day like a job interview, and remember first impressions do count
  • Eat breakfast before you leave your house — fresh breath and clean teeth (no poppy seed bagels, please) are a must
  • Your work day begins when you leave your house. You never know when you’ll come into contact with your co-workers or boss

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