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Permanent Staff

Recruitment Made Easy....

As we all know, recruiting the right staff for your business is not always easy!  Staffing Solution recruitment service is not only cost effective but personal and time efficient.

At Staffing Solution our professional recruitment consultants are experienced in finding the right staff for you! 

Our competitive pricing structures are designed to suit any business…depending on your requirements!

Please contact Brian Lockyear to discuss our options in detail:



Total remuneration package (TRP)

Our TRP is based on a 5% fee of the offered salary package (+GST) and includes a replacement guarantee service


A flat (negotiable) fee is offered for any Full or Part time positions. No Guarantee is offered with this package structure. 


What we do for you:

  • Understand your business & staffing requirements
  • Offer structured pricing levels to suit your needs
  • Expertise advertising and online media promotions
  • Candidate screening & evaluations
  • Communication with all applicants
  • Full interview process
  • Reference checks
  • Correspondence and negotiation with both candidate and client
  • No charge until candidate has commenced employment
  • Discretion & Confidentiality













You can enjoy the benefits of our product for any position in any industry from engagement with your business through to candidate commencement.