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You never get a second chance to make the right first impression so prepare well and choose your recruitment consultant wisely!


Writing a Resume

Employers lead busy lives and it is a fact that they will "filter out", resumes that are either too long-winded, not pleasing on the eye, vague or difficult to follow. The team at Staffing solution offer a 'Resume Face Lift' to make sure you have the best chance of being placed at the top of the pile!

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It is often a "touchy subject" to comment on the grooming of most people don't!   They simply make a judgement without consultation, and allow this judgement to influence their decisions. Dress neutrally and don't allow your "personal fashion statements" to confuse or negatively influence a potential employer.

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Performing in an Interview

Interviews are nerve wracking! They can be combative, provocative, uncomfortable and stressful and many employers (amazingly) still feel that such an atmosphere is an appropriate way to "short-list" their applicants. Preparation is the key to staying calm, being true to yourself and ready to weave your own particular brand of "self-promoting" magic. Confidence is critical and the following guide will assist you.

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Performing on your first day

The first day in any new job can be terrifying for some people. You must remember to just be yourself in the knowledge that it was "being yourself" that got you the job in the first place. Be aware of office politics, be cautious of "over-friendly" co-workers (until you get to know your place in the pecking order) and don't over-commit yourself to anything until you are confident of what is expected of you.

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