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Staffing Solution Pride themselves on their close relations with their clients to ensure the highest standard of quality and happiness.  Below are just a couple of the Correspondence we receive from Clients on a regular basis.

Hi Bianca,

 Dell said both girls yesterday were good.

 Thank you.


Hi Lyndall 

 They were great, all worked and sweated hard.  They used their own nous, common sense, got on with the job and reported any misgivings to me on the night.  I was super happy with all of them. 

 Thanks again


Personal Assistant 

Hi Lyndall,

 Leonie was on time and presented well. She was pro-active, friendly and took initiative to do things that we didn’t even think of, everyone at the party loved her.

 Thank you for sending us such an exceptional person.

 Kind Regards

 Jaimie Cornford                                        
Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Dear Lyndall,

 Thank you for that information I will look into it.

 I would like to also thank you very much for your help and personal support with helping me find a chef for our Bistro.  I find your services definitely rewarding,  I will not hesitate to recommend and share your services to any business that require staff.

 Once again I appreciate all you have done for me Lyndall!!

 Have a great day.

 Katrina Neumann


Can you please pass on my thanks, these two gentlemen were excellence in the provision of their services for our function and I would highly recommend them again.


Melissa Nielsen

Hi they were all amazing as usual





Just wanted to let you know your crew did great tonight! 




I have been an attendee at the World Rural Health Congress recently and we had the pleasure of your staff serving us at the Convention Centre for dinner last week and again at the Pullman last night. I want to say that all of your staff were great! I especially would like to say our waitress Margaret who we had both nights was splendid and does an amazing job keeping your customers happy during the course of the evening. 

Kind Regards


Hi Sarah, 

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with organising staff! Each person was absolutely amazing!

They worked hard and well (i hope they had some fun too)

I think we are heading back to Townsville some time later in the year and we will definitely be using you guys again. 

Thanks again. 


Hi Franca, 

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how well your team did with us over the past 2 weeks. I below list worked exceptionally well and really did Staffing Solution proud. Please reiterate to them our appreciation for their work. 

Lucas, Ezra, Danny, Nathan and Lucia. 

Hi Franca, 

I hope you had a great weekend!

I wanted to give some positive feedback on some of the staff from the weekend. Please see comments below. 

Robert and Sophie were fantastic. They are great with our members and have great work ethic and attitude. 

Stephen looked after the Winning Post Bar function on his own. He was fantastic! Great attitude and worker. The bar was left spotless and he stayed longer to help us finish up for the day. I was really impressed!

Margaret is a pocket rocket. She has a great energy and is always eager to do more.

Daniel is the best worker we have had. Simple as that. 

I also wanted to let you know that Chris Richards is fantastic. She is lovely to work with. 



Jayden, Manny, Diana, Aude, Andrej, Carina, Nataly & Clayton were great. 

No complaints about the others though, everyone did a great job!


Sainet I had teamed with my only room attendant that had arrived today and your other room attendant Patricia, the 3 of them blitzed their way through a lot of arrival rooms before I asked Sainet to team up with Napari. Sainet and Napari then worked together completing all of the depart/arrival rooms by 2pm.  I was also extremely impressed with the standard of their rooms considering Napari has never worked here before and Sainet has only been here a handful of times.

I would gladly have both Sainet and Napari back here anytime, they are both assets to your company.


We at Shangri-la would like to offer a Big Thank you for your assistance, support and flexibility in organising staff for the VIP Events on the weekend.  I would like to thank Maria and Phil who went above our expectations and assisted in keeping this event stress free. They assisted in turning the evening into an absolute success for us. The professional manner in which Caroline worked was amazing and flawless. We could not ask for any better.
The customer service delivered by Joanne was great. Joanne is always smiling. We received great feedback from our clients.
Thank you again for assisting with the success of our events.

Jennifer Smith.

Director of Human Resources.

I must comment on the staff you have supplied; their great, personable, hard-working desire to perform their duties to the highest quality and effectiveness.

They are great ambassadors for Staffing Solutions.

Thank you, they really assisted getting us out of some very busy meal periods.

Robert De Carlo - General Manager

Feedback on staff we had today……

Napari, very good. And of course Louisa, Kamate and Theresa are all very good.



You offer a great service, the best we have had

A little feedback…the girls love working with Sarah. She is fast and thorough and as she has been here before is getting to know the place. If she can come back, the ladies will be very happy :-)

Many thanks



All went well and staff did an amazing job.  Thank you.

 Vignesh Murugesan, Banquets Operations Manager 

Your team did extremely well and I appreciate the fact that you use our facility to train the staff.  Their rooms were beautiful and I would not have expected anything else with Franca being the Super Trainer and facilitator.  

 Jeni Phillips, Executive Housekeeper  

We had 5 turn up today for orientation today they were Alice, Bianca, Saida, Jackie & Craig. They all went very well. I am very impressed with Craig he was excellent.

You are the best Franca! Jennifer and Alice did well today. Many Thanks

Jeni Phillips - Executive Housekeeper

Dear Franca,  I would like to thank yourself and Brian for organising and driving the 2 staff up to us on Thursday. You and your team were life savers! 

Housekeeping Supervisor

I wanted to let you know that the team last night did a great job. When we had down time they showed initiative and asked for things to do and did everything we asked of them really well.

 Linda Taylor, Conferencing Operations Manager

All went well and client was happy. Justin, Henrik and Gordon were really good. Sandra of course she is great. Rest of the team worked well together as a team.

Pavel Breuer, Banquets Manager 

Hi  Staffing Solution's Team, my GM personally congratulated and said excellent service and as all had a great time. Thank you. 

Vignesh Murugesan, Banquets Operations Manager

Hi Staffing Solution's Team, Thanks so much for all your help organising the Temp Staff for Saturday evening here at Brothers Leagues Club Innisfail. The staff that you had sent were excellent on the night. Very sufficient polite and carried out all duties above and beyond what they were asked. Thanks once again and look forward to the next event in which I may require the help from Staffing Solutions. Have a Great Day Regards,

Sheree Biondi, Functions and Promotions Co-ordinator 

 Hi Franca, Just a short note to say thank you to all staff that have been here over the latest busy period with special attention to today. They have been excellent & shown true professionalism in their appointment. All aspects of their tasks have been to a high standard & they are to be commended for their efforts. Not easy to have to travel from Cairns & then do a great job. Please pass on my thanks & congratulations to everyone.


Steve Sadler, Housekeeping Manager 

 Hi Staffing Solution's Team, Just a little feedback from our little farewell BBQ on Friday. Janet was great, even came a little early to ensure we were organised and did a great job making sure everyone was well fed. Chris was a great help with sorting the food with the guys and helping clean up. It was great to have that friendly assistance to help take away the burden of us always having to cook & Prepare. Thanks very much & i now understand why the jockey club use your company. 

Thanks once again!

Sonny Samuel, Operations Manager

Hi Staffing Solution's Team, How are you? All staff worked with us, were excellent and did a wonderful job on floor as well as at the back of house.  As we ran out of plates, before i had to get stewards to wash them. Sandra got into it and started washing it. thanks a ton to her!

Vignesh Murugesan, Banquets Operations Manager 

Now that we have had time to stop and breathe after the ATE, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to you and your staff for helping and supporting us throughout this.

Krisztina Jahshan, Banquets Manager 

It was a really good day for everybody and your staff were a great help. Hope to see them again in the future!

Pavel Breuer, Banquets Manager

 Hi Staffing Solution's Team, Craig did a great job, listened well and did exactly what we asked of him, would have him back any time.

Denise Jorgensen, Venue Presentation Manager

Hi Staffing Solution's Team, The staff have been great. Aaron & Hannu the standouts during the day. Corinne was fabulous on New Years Eve, bubbly & in the spirit of the night. Thanks & Happy New Year.

Miles Browne, Restaurant Manager 

 Hi Staffing Solution's Team, Wow what a busy year! I would like to take the time to pass on a BIG thanks to you and all the team at Staffing Solution for all of your hard work to ensure that we are always provided with quality staff. Yesterday was a HUGE success, the staff were great and full of festive spirit. They all looked lovely in their red bow ties and were a delight to have. Many thanks and I look forward to next year!

Conference & Events Operations Manager 

Hi Staffing Solution's Team, All staff were excellent, Thank you so much!

Banquets Manager 

 Hi Staffing Solution's Team, Have a wonderful Christmas and Thank you for your exceptional service this year!

Executive Assistant Manager

 Hi Staffing Solution's Team, Really chuffed with the guys, they did a fantastic job!

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

 Hi Staffing Solution's Team, Both Caleb & Carina were exceptional workers and a pleasure to have here. They are my new Favourites!

Michael Forbes, Restaurant Manager 

Hi Chris! Stop working, go home LOL. Thanks Amie is amazing, I am  just sitting here with Sam having a bubbles and we are saying how AMAZING the team were today and a BIG thanks for sending such great people on a busy day!

Conference & Events Manager 

Hi Staffing Solution's Team, Just wanted you to know how very impressed with Jimmy and the Las Palmas bar shift he did for us at short notice on Friday. I did tell him it would probably be a quiet night but he had the busiest night they had at Las Palmas for some time. He did everything correctly and all balanced, stock counted etc. Considering I only gave him half an hour training he did a really good job. I am happy to have him on any Las Palmas bar shifts again. I did speak with him and also believe he has also done food service as well, also realise he is probably looking for a full-time job but happy in the meantime for him to do any bar shifts.

Hospitality Support Coordinator

Hi Ladies, Thank you for the staff last week, all went well. I thought you might like a photo of your team. Kind Regards.

Debbie Maltby Functions Manager

Good Morning Chris,

Thank you for the staff you supplied me over the weekend all 4 were professional and worked very well. It is a pleasure to know any further staffing requirements supplied by you will be of such good calibre, 

Kind Regards,

Michael, Restaurant Manager