“Hi Staffing Solution’s Team, Thanks so much for all your help organising the Temp Staff for Saturday evening here at Brothers Leagues Club Innisfail. The staff that you had sent were excellent on the night. Very sufficient polite and carried out all duties above and beyond what they were asked. Thanks once again and look forward to the next event in which I may require the help from Staffing Solutions.” – Sheree Biondi / Functions and Promotions Co-ordinator

“I just wanted to send a big thank you for the staff you sent us last Saturday evening, and also for the chef who has filled a position here during the past week. It was a delight to have them all, and they were amazing in following direction and using their own intuition! It was a very tricky event from a planning perspective due to the incredible deluge of rain in the days prior to the event, and needing to enact the wet weather plans. However, I was left in great hands with your “diamond crew”. Again a huge thank you, and I will happily welcome back Rachel, Leah, Ben, Robert and Margaret in joining us on future events.” – Peter ClarkstoneChef & Beverage Manager

“They were great, all worked and sweated hard.  They used their own nous, common sense, got on with the job and reported any misgivings to me on the night.  I was super happy with all of them. Thanks again.” – Emily Rossi / Personal Assistant 

“Leonie was on time and presented well. She was pro-active, friendly and took initiative to do things that we didn’t even think of, everyone at the party loved her. Thank you for sending us such an exceptional person.” – Jaimie Cornford / Business Development Manager

“I must comment on the staff you have supplied; their great, personable, hard-working desire to perform their duties to the highest quality and effectiveness. They are great ambassadors for Staffing Solutions. Thank you, they really assisted getting us out of some very busy meal periods.” – Robert De Carlo / General Manager